Regardless of how much time you spend on Facebook, whether viewed from a desktop or mobile device, you have undoubtedly seen numerous examples of Facebook advertising. As a result, Facebook has become a tremendous powerhouse for growing your brand and getting more leads and sales.

Why Have Facebook Ads Become So Popular?

One of the most apparent reasons is the sheer size of Facebook, and it continues to grow. With over 2.45 billion monthly active users and people spending an hour or more daily on average on Facebook, it is a MAJOR player, 2nd only to Google.

Facebook Ads Can Be Extremely Targeted

Facebook accumulates an incredible amount of data from its users. Many of them volunteer this information on their profile, such as their age, geographic location, and interests.

Facebook tracks all user activity, such as the posts you like, comment on, share, and any other type of activity. Therefore, their algorithm can create a very accurate profile of the types of products and services you may be interested in based on your level of engagement.

The level of detail concerning demographics and targeting is unlike any other platform I am familiar with. This greatly benefits advertisers and can produce impressive ROI when done correctly.

Creating the ideal target audience is only part of the equation, so it is best to contact an advertising or marketing professional more familiar with all the intricacies of the Facebook marketing platform.

Where Do Facebook Ads Appear?

If you were to ask people where they have seen Facebook ads, many would reply in their newsfeed or possibly in the right sidebar if they were viewing it on a desktop. Most would probably think that is the extent of options you have as an advertiser to promote your brand. However, it is far more than that, which I will explain below. There are MANY more options available.

The places where you can run your ads are called placements. Your ads can appear on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Marketplace, and the Audience Network. Here is a more specific breakdown within each of those main categories.

Facebook News Feed

In this scenario, your ads would appear in the desktop News Feed if people use their computers to access the Facebook website. If they were using a mobile device, either the Facebook app or a mobile browser, they would see your ads in the Mobile News Feed

Instagram Feed

These ads appear in the mobile feed only on the Instagram app via mobile devices.

Facebook Right Column

If you have accessed Facebook via a desktop computer, you may have noticed ads appearing in the right column. Unfortunately, these placements are not available via mobile devices.

Facebook Marketplace

Your ads could appear when someone visits the Marketplace homepage or browses Marketplace using the Facebook app. (Are you starting to see some of the vast opportunities available to promote your products and services on Facebook?)

Instagram Explore

Potential customers access Explore by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the Instagram homepage. If someone clicks on a photo or video from Explore, your ads can be shown as part of the browsing experience.

Messenger Inbox

In this case, your ads may appear in the Messenger inbox between conversations, making them very easy to view.

Audience Network

This seems to be the least known or understood option, but it can be a powerful tool to add to your marketing arsenal. For example, the “Facebook Audience Network is an off-Facebook, in-app advertising network for mobile apps.” This allows advertisers to display their ads on mobile sites or apps other than Facebook, thereby extending their reach.

Facebook Ads Conclusion

As you can see, Facebook offers tremendous advertising opportunities across multiple platforms, devices, websites, and apps. The power of this comes from utilizing Facebook’s superior demographics and targeting options to create relevant ads that have a much better chance of converting because you are speaking to the right audience.

If you want to discuss your company’s goals and how these marketing techniques can help you reach your desired outcomes, please call us today. We would love to learn more about your business, and what you would like to achieve so we can make the best recommendations.



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