I’m just thrilled that you stopped by to see me again. We have a new Ask Hof Anything moment. This question comes from my friend Tim McCann, who runs Tim McCann Afterschool Sports.

Tim asks, “Hey, a lot of people liked and interacted with this new video you taught me how to put up on Facebook. Can I tell if they are new people or old people?” In other words, are they new eyeballs or is it the same old crowd? What a great question. The answer is imperfect, but here you go, your Ask Hof Anything moment.

Okay, so hi, guys, this is Tim McCann Afterschool Sports. And Tim and his whole team had been doing all kinds of work on social media, and putting stuff up, and putting stuff up, and putting stuff up. And nothing seemed to happen. There was no oomph occurring. And so I taught him this technique of creating short, little videos, and how to publish them, and how to make sure that you optimize their content. And how do you get it back to your blog? And how do you make the most out of YouTube? And overnight, he had 12 people interact with it. And now it’s way, way more than that. So his question to me was, “Do I have any indication of who that was? Can I reach out and tell them thank you. Do I know if they’re are new people? Are they the same old people I’ve seen over and over again?” So I thought we’d spend a few moments, just a few, and take a look.

So this was his first glance, and I don’t want to hear anything about how the video’s not good. Okay? But this is the video that he did. All right. You click on the video, it goes to his blog. On the blog, you play the video. “My name is Tim McCann. I’m the owner of Tim McCann Afterschool Sports. And by the way, these people are awesome. My granddaughter, Juliet, goes there. Unbelievable change in her sense of self-esteem and discipline. Really, really worth doing. Now I’ll teach you a little later on that we always put transcripts of what happens in the video, and all that sort of stuff. But what he really wanted to know was, when you’re the admin of a page, you get to see how many people were reached and how much engagements there were.

Now, if 88 people saw this and 82 reacted to it, that’s a popular post. Holy smokes. That’s almost everybody, right? I’m missing six people, less than 10%. So over 90% of the people had some response to it, including 7 people doing a thumbs up and 14 people that shared it. So if you hover over the thumbs up, you get to see who liked it.

So Tim, that answers your question, “Who liked it?” Now you also can see who shared it. Okay? So these people shared it. Click on it, and there’s your list of all the people who shared it. Now if the people who shared it had their privacy settings set in a way that… Let’s just say that they can set their privacy settings in a way that you wouldn’t see them on this list. So this list is not inclusive of all 14 people, but it gives you an idea of who did actually share it.

So I can say, “What were my 82 engagements?” Click on that. And I get 35 likes, 10 loves, 6 comments, 14 shares, 17 post clicks. 17 people since 8:00 last night, and it is 1:00 this afternoon the next day when I write this, have clicked on this Facebook post, and it has taken them directly to his website. Now I’m not at liberty to discuss his website volume, but I will say that it is a new website and that he pays in his advertising, because we did some for him over Christmas, $4 a click. So that means over $600 worth of advertising I got done with this one free video that we taught him how to do in an evening.

So Tim, hope that answers your question. Everybody else that’s asking me, “Hey, how do we know if this is being effective or not?” I hope this answers your question. In the meantime, if you have kids that would benefit from self-discipline, some fitness, some self-esteem, there is nothing better than karate. I did it for TaeKwonDo. I do it for Wadokai. I did it again for a stepson for TaeKwonDo years later. It is the most amazing thing you can do for kids. And of all the studios I’ve seen, Afterschool Sports by Tim McCann is one of the best. So give Tim a shout out as well. And if you liked my answer, down below, subscribe, opt-in, ask me a question. If you ask me a question, I do read it, and I answer all of my questions.

Y’all have a great day. This is it for today’s episode of Ask Hof Anything. Another Video by StudioHOF, St. Petersburg SEO, Social, Web. Smart Digital Marketing.

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