Musings of a Digital Marketer… "Ubiquitous"

Often times, there are technology marvels all around us that we use so fluidly, we forget that they are technology marvels at all. I can remember the awe and amazement with my parents' first microwave. Today, nobody thinks twice about them.

Today, our Operations Manager called from home, having difficulty navigating a client site. She could have driven over, which would have meant a 15 minute drive here and back, and time for social niceties, and spending time on her navigation issue.

Instead – she jumps on a ZOOM video call with me, I take control of her screen, show her how its done, and we're done in 5 minutes – not an hour, hour and a half!

What causes me to stop, and wonder at "ubiquitous" is that I remember screen sharing first coming out, I remember video conferencing when it first came out… and today, we just hop on, take care of what needs to be taken care of, and not for a moment thinking that it really is a technology marvel.

What in your business, or your life, have you found that is ubiquitous, that you would never have thought would be even 5 years ago? Interesting question no?