Full disclosure, my beautiful Granddaughter goes to Tim McCahan After School Sports, and she has an amazing time there.  In my history, I learned Wado Kai Karate at the YMCA in my hometown in Ontario when I was a kid, and as an adult studied Tai Kwon Do that the Park Studio in Boca Raton.    I enjoy the martial arts and have been inside several dojos over the years.  Now, I’m older, and “more round” than I used to be, but my adrenaline still goes up every time I’m in a Martial Arts Studio.

I got to talking to Tim, the owner, and he was having online marketing issues and was relying on “a friend from church”, who in turn was feeding him good advice, in very small pieces, and hoping he would want “more” to pay a good retainer fee.   We spend some time together and came to the conclusion that there was plenty to be done, and that they had the internal resources to do most of it.

Well, Tim was kind enough to leave us this marvelous review.   I can without hesitation recommend their services in return.  They help build great kids with discipline, and fun in a very safe environment.  If you are in St. Petersburg – you just can’t beat this studio – they’ll even take your kids from school to their studio – freeing up your afternoon!.